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Value Stream Edit Mode
2021 (UrbanCode)

Design Process

Problem: Make it as easy as possible to edit your Value Steam inside the app, without downloading JSON file to edit.

Edit screen shows the default phase/stage we gave them. They can do the following on that edit page:

  1. Edit Existing Phase
  2. Edit Existing Phase
  3. Add New Phase
  4. Delete Phase
  5. Edit existing stage
  6. Add New stage
  7. Delete stage

Add New stage: Detailed breakdown of how a stage is added.

  1. Where is the toolbar
  2. What tool do they click
  3. Where does the “Stage” tool show up
  4. Click Edit
  5. Where does the modal show up
  6. Show all of the fields that need to be filled in
    1. Name stage
    2. Description
    3. DQL
    4. Entry stage
    5. Exit stage
  7. Save