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Design Brief

One of the biggest problems in the long term health market is hiring nurses and caregivers. The work is hard and the pay is not great but once an employee has been on the job for 1-3 months the odds of them staying on long term increases greatly.


Even after expressing interest in a position we heard from customers that getting prospective hires to show up for an interview was a stretch. We wanted to come up with a product taht would allow Facility Managers to quickly get a prospective hire in the door quickly while they were stil excited about the position.

As part of a small "jump start" team we found Beta Partners that worked with us from the ground up to develop the product. We met with them throughout the process to learn about the issues they faced in the hiring process.

I was able to get feedback on initial sketches all the way to developing a working HTML prototype that the Beta Customers could interact with and provide more real world feedback.

General Notes

Customer Notes

Rough Sketches

Refined Sketches

HTML Build Out