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Send Funds Process Flow
Design Brief

We heard feedback time and time again that Investment Managers wanted to allow their Investors to contribute funds directly via the online portal. This would allow for a seamless way to track contributions in an all in one tool.

Some of the pain points that we heard and wanted to address:

  • Not knowing which investors had contributed the funds
  • Manually entering contributions into the system of record
  • Avoid wiring funds to incorrect accounts
  • No more hand delivered checks
  • One click "request funds" ability


After Investors have committed to invest in a deal, the Investment Manager has the ability to request funds which generates an email to the Investor asking them to view the deal in their portal and gives them the ability to send funds directly from their portal. To bring the process full circle both Investment Managers and Investors receive confirmation emails with transaction details as well as transaction reports in their respective portals.

We conducted a number of usability studies with users and landed on a "shopping cart" checkout experience that would be familiar to users. We continuted to validate this by viewing Full Story recordings and monitoring the internal customer support channels.